Friday, January 6, 2017

Obama Mocked GOP Needing 'a Moat' on Border, But Builds Wall Around DC Home

In May 2011 obama mocked the GOP for wanting to put the border fence up saying republicans will also want a moat with alligators.
During a presser April 2016 he mocked Trump's immigration plan to build the border wall as "wacky", "draconian", "half-baked" saying "good luck with that"...

So what does obama do after renting a home in DC(he's not going away)? This clown is having a wall built!

Hey barry will you be putting in a moat with alligators?

What is he so afraid of? Obama had no problem with and wants the nations "yard" [border] left wide open but puts big wall around his yard! If this doesn't define hypocrite what does?

If we had media that actually kept this guy in check they would ask him why his yard is so important to protect but not the nation!


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