Monday, January 23, 2017

Olbermann's Rant, Trump Should "Resign", "is Dangerous", Symbolizes the Lefts Meltdown

Well, well, well it's been a while since the deranged, Keith Olbermann, was running his mouth but nothing has changed. He says Trump is dangerous and should resign immediately! Who's going to make him Keithy? It's quite amusing to hear this guy plea to Trump supporters and republicans to do something when he gladly attacked them every night he was on the air over at MSDNC anytime "we" objected to obama's lawlessness. Olbermann was fine with that but now that a republican is in office it's a national security issue and we're teetering on the edge to the apocalypse, "the end of civilization"!

The only one who is crazy is Olbermann to believe Trump will get the US into a nuclear war. Face it, this meltdown is because Keithy and all the commies can't handle the fact that Trump is going to dismantle all the bs their messiah, obama, put in motion that hurt this country. They're losing all the power they had making them talk crazy like this fool!

Instead of learning a lesson from the last 8 years, after losing power, these dopes are doubling down on that playbook. Go for it lefties, although not sure where this idget will be able to find a job after this. He's been fired from every job, doubt after this gig with GQ he'll be able to get a job cleaning up after animals in a zoo!

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