Monday, January 23, 2017

Tucker Grills Illegal Immigration Activist Who Opposes Border Wall

The head of Border Angels, Enrique Morones, is a perfect representation of the left and where they stand on immigration. He is the next liberal to appear on Carlson's show to be exposed and made a fool of. He is a "proud American, and even prouder Mexican", so one has to wonder why is he in the US? Better yet why is he in the US helping illegals enter the US?!! If you listen to this race hustler this country is the last place any minority should be. Yet he and his organization do everything they can to undermine US law bringing illegals into the US as if it's their right.

As he rants about the horrible US and Trump admin, clueless Morones doesn't even understand the US has always had a deportation force, it's called ICE! As for not the attack that on not allowing people to enter because of their race or religion, first off Trump hasn't done anything yet and secondly where was this jerk when Pres Carter invoked the law to prevent people from a certain country and religion to enter?

Morones like a typical prog twists words around and attacks because that is all progs can do when they know they've been beaten. That of course never flies well on Tuckers show where as you expected he is taken to the woodshed on facts. In a failed attempt to correct Carlson Morones admits Mexico is allowing illegals from South and central America to access the country "seeking asylum" so they can then illegally enter the US! He claims people are deported but reports over the last few months were coming in about a huge spike in illegal entry on the southern border, no thanks to this guy who helps them enter. By the way aiding and abetting illegals is a federal crime! Hopefully someone in the Trump admin will deal with this criminal organization, locking up Morones and shutting Border Angels down.

Once the wall is built and the border secure, there wont be a need for his organization because the border won't be able to be crossed!

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