Monday, January 23, 2017

"Peaceful" Anti-Trump Protester Sets Trump Supporters Hair on Fire

Everyone is having a good time on Inauguration Day but these leftists with big smiles on their faces are playing for keeps, who are prepared to turn violent in a millisecond. While the leftist mob is chanting "Love Trump's hate", a "peaceful" feminazi, Soros stooge lit a Trump supporter girl's hair on fire as she was having her pic taken in front of the unhinged mob.

Pay attention to this creature in the vid...

... watch her demeanor compared to the others, she's planning it out. She even whispers to the girl in the yellow jacket who conveniently raises/ bends her arm up which allows the creature to get its arm through without being noticed... but the camera sees everything! And yes it appears the creature stashed the lighter in the backpack and I would call that a smirk in amusement after the fire was put out!

Take a look at the featured image above the two are looking right at the girls hair as it burns before others notice!

Two things need to happen: chubby and the girl in yellow need to be identified followed with criminal charges filed against both, chubby for assault and conspiracy for the one in yellow.

These monsters are being amped up for a fight whether people want to admit it or not. They're getting their asses kicked in elections, their messiah's legacy is being erased, sooner or later they're going to snap pulling a repeat of Baltimore or Ferguson! Stay alert be prepared and know how to defend yourself if you counter-protest Soros' army of idiots.

You Soros stooges should know the day is coming when you pick a fight you're not going to be able to hide from, let alone win.

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