Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rush: If Russians Hacked the Election, How Did Hillary Win the Popular Vote?

Boooom Rush nailed it! Have I not been making this argument over the last month!?

Here’s the One Fact That Destroys Democrats Argument Russia Helped Trump Win
CNN Just Proved Russia DID NOT Have Any Influence With Clinton’s Loss

While it is a punch in the gut to Trump, if the Russian's in fact influenced the election, why did Hillary win the popular vote? Now many of you will say there was rampant voter fraud and the like but you should really drop that that argument. By acknowledging Hillary's won the popular vote it proves all the noise the left is making about Russia is just that, noise.

The left cannot accept they ran the worst candidate possible who stood for everything the American people in states that mattered opposed. She thought she had the election won with the media, Hollywood, pollsters in her back pocket so much so she didn't even campaign in many states! We've all been saying it for well over a year and many who were not on the TrumpTrain, feeling very concerned about him being the GOP candidate at the time, even pointed out:

"This should be the easiest election for the GOP to win against the worst democrat candidate ever!"

C'mon Trump supporters you know it's true, you know you heard people who supported other GOP candidates say that when things weren't going too well. Let go of the voter fraud theories, it happened but not 3mil worth! Take the hit admitting this "win" for her to discredit and trivialize all the lefts wacky theories, especially that Russia influenced who you voted for!

BTW... Happy Birthday Rush!

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