Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Admin Press Sec Eviscerates Media in First Briefing

This presser by the Trump admins Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, was quite refreshing to watch. It was short, to the point, where you could see the admin is clearly at war with the media. He took the opportunity to "scold", as some are reporting, but this truly was an evisceration of how the corrupt lying liberal controlled media covers the Trump admin.

As Spicer pointed out how the media was dishonest in reporting attendance at Pres Trump's inauguration he made it clear all reports are inaccurate because NO ONE had numbers, because the National Parks Services who controls it all doesn't put numbers out! He used facts to make the admins argument on the capacity of several locations at the Mall, but the final blow was when he cited data from the DC metro public transit system, where 420,000 people used the system Jan 20th 2017 vs 317,000 in 2012 for obama's last inauguration. Left of course is probably scrambling to to trivialize this which will only back-up the admins argument they are not reporting the news, they're ignoring more important things while on a 24/7 witch-hunt against Trump.

Frankly, Spicer stomped a mudhole in the media's face today, sending a clear message there is a new Sheriff and Deputies in town, the games are over!

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