Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Valerie Jarrett: Obama 'Hasn't Had a Scandal'

Obama hasn't had any scandals or done anything to embarrass himself?! These people exist in a different plane of existence. There are over 9000 posts on this site, many about obama... What you have here is Valerie Jarrett "trying" to control history as the left has been doing for the last 8 years. The world is on fire and these monsters run to the cameras and crap media saying all is well, nothing to see here move along. They've constantly been denying things and retelling of history thinking everything they've done never happened!

Do we really need to list all of obama's scandals? As for embarrassing himself, everything he has done is an embarrassment starting with him LYING about his relationship and starting his political career with Bill "I bombed the Pentagon" Ayers to throwing Israel under the bus a week ago!

Benghazi, within that is the gun running to our enemies incl ISIS!
Fast & Furious
IRS targeting conservatives and TEA Party groups
NSA spying on us
Obamacare (lied about everything, keeping policy, doctor and saving $2500, all the nonsense with Gruber and Zeke Emanuel etc)
Iran nuke deal and then the massive payoff in cash in foreign currency in the middle of the night
Green Energy bs, one word Solyndra!
Hillary's private email server and how his majesty denied any knowledge of it when he was emailing her!
DOJ spying on reporters
Bergdahl deal... which btw isn't over, the final blow will probably be a pardon on obama's final day in office
All the czars his majesty appointed without senate approval... and the recess appointments
obama's ties with Jarrett and her radical ties are a separate list

We could list these all day long as his entire time in office is a scandal and embarrassment! Is it the 20th yet?

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