Tuesday, January 3, 2017

WH Dodges After Being Called Out Over No Action Against China Hacking

Props to ABC's Jon Karl for calling the obama admin out over their double standards in sanctioning Russia but not China for hacking the US. Karl is correct to conclude the China hacks were actually worse as they stole data, proprietary and personal information. Josh Earnest as always dodges on the double standard, rambling on how the Russians action, alleged, is more serious.

To this day there is no quantitative proof whatsoever Russia had any affect on the election, Earnest even says they tried... last time I checked trying doesn't mean you succeeded. The admin is shameful to push these lies and fake news which one can only conclude it is to sabotage the incoming Trump admin by further damaging US-Russian relations.

What obama is doing to the nation and foreign policy is as if he's in a china shop walking down the main aisle on his way out with his arms out knocking everything down!

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