Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Carlson Takes on Fmr Mexican Foreign Minister Who Wants to Jam Up US Court System...

... and unleash drug cartels on the US over legal deportations!

One thing is becoming more clear by the day... progressives, US and foreign, are in a cold war with red-blooded, patriotic, LAW-ABIDING Americans. These people are working the system to its limits, as Cloward and Piven have taught them, who willfully want to sabotage the system while destroying it. That is exactly what, fmr Mexican Foreign Minister and NYU professor, Jorge Castaneda is telling Tucker Carlson. In other words, abuse the system to get as many illegals into the US as possible and then once progressives get what they want, "blow the system up".

Meanwhile, as the US does what it can to protect itself this guy is threatening to encourage the Mexican govt to unleash drug cartels (and terrorists [unconfirmed]) to cross the border in some childish spiteful move.
I have to say, if you have seen the handiwork I've seen by the drug cartels, as an American, I take that as an act of war! No, I'm not kidding many of you couldn't stomach what I've seen committed by the cartels. And in case you've been under a rock there is more or less a full blown war taking place right across the border.

Surely I cannot be the only one who sees this? Why is it no one in the admin is calling these people out? Sec Tillerson should condemn such talk from a fmr govt official demanding Mexican Pres Nieto to condemn it as well.

Americans DO NOT NEED MEXICO. This country was doing fine without them until Clinton got us into that horrible NAFTA trade deal while he and obama rang the bell for illegals to flood across the border with all the free stuff at taxpayers expense.

BUILD THE WALL, throw illegals out! No exceptions, no excuses!

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