Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dem Rep Grijalva: No Wall, Legalizing ‘Millions Upon Millions’ is Solution to Immigration Problem

AZ democrat Raul Grijalva as expected is against the border wall being built, boost in agents on the border and raids to round up criminal illegal aliens, or as he claims the "breaking up of families". He like the rest of his anti-American party believes the solution to our illegal immigration problem is to legalize "millions upon millions" of illegal aliens.

Yes reward bad, even criminal behavior with full citizenship! Grijalva is just another example that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

Oh btw you are aware Grijalva was part of MECha, who more or less want to reclaim the Southwestern US for Mexico?

One democrat after another is more or less going on record they hate the US as it is with their desire to change it, caring more about immigrants (illegal and "refugees").

As we go forward with the constant attacks against the Trump admin and conservatives the division, hateful rhetoric and at times violence is making it very clear the USA is in fact in a cold civil war...

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