Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hollywood Elitists Celebrate UC Berkeley Riots... #BOYCOTTHOLLYWOOD

Not surprising, Hollywood elitists took to Twitter to cheer on and encourage the UC Berkeley riots. These people are as much an enemy to this Republic as those in state legislatures and DC who encourage and enable this defiant violent behavior, seen coast-to-coast all because Hillary lost the election. They are all suffering from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

As of now there are three Hollywood elitists, aka professional liars (1 actress/failed comedian, 1 actress and a director), who publicly expressed their approval of the riot. If you have tweets or social media posts from other celebs send them over, drop a link in the comments section and make sure to take a screenshot before they delete it!

Sarah Silverman, probably the worst of the bunch, weighed in more or less calling for a literal violent uprising with hopes of the US military joining in

Then there is the batshit crazy washed up Debra Messing

and finally Judd Apatow

Apatow unlike the other two deleted this tweet stating he doesn't support violence.

Well here's the problem, the violence was at full throttle when he sent the tweet out. If he was to argue he wasn't aware to what extent when he sent the tweet out he's insulting everyone's intelligence because it was sent after Messing and Silverman's!

STR is calling for a total boycott against Hollywood. These people are completely out of control and are clearly abusing their power of influence with the uninformed and uneducated as we saw at UC Berkeley. The only thing these people will ever understand will come when the money supply to them is cut off. If you have to see that show or movie there are ways to see it online 😉 😉

You must not only boycott whatever film or show they are involved with but also any advertiser as well. It's not enough to stop watching the shows, even networks shows are on, or not show up at the box office. These people rely on advertisers for their income too. So if that means you have to stop eating at certain restaurants, give up your favorite beverages, try a different brand of clothing/ shoes etc then so be it! This call for a complete boycott obviously goes for any business (product/ service) these people play a role in, whether they are an investor, spokesperson up to and including any role they play with charities and foundations!

Also there is a call to protest the Oscars... let's get that rolling. You want to send a message to Hollywood you've had enough, "shut that shit down"! These people live in a bubble, nothing ever invades their safe space, well it's time to invade their safe space and pop that bubble on the biggest night of the year for many of them!

#BoycottHollywood #BoycottHollywoodAdvertisers #BoycottOscars #BoycottOscarsAdvertisers #ProtestOscars

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