Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rush: Obama Encouraged Berkeley Riots

I've held off posting this Rush clip today because I was waiting to see who in the democrat party would come out and condemn the violence at UC Berkeley. While a few may have chimed in with general statements that violence is unacceptable, democrats for the most part remained silent towards the anarchists. As expected many pulled the hate and the white supremacist card and blamed the right for the lefts violence!

The dem party wants violence in the streets and on campus grounds. Obama, as Rush points out, encouraged protesters just a few days ago...

As president he wanted the violence because it would've opened the door for him to seize more power. He was banking on things getting worse than what we saw as he, Holder and other fmr regime members were constantly "encouraging" and throwing gasoline on tense situations vs calming them down. Fortunately, the right never took the bait to fight back. While that is a good thing it is also bad, because it set precedent allowing the left to ratchet things up. The violence is going to continue, they haven't stopped really since Occupy.

Speaking of Occupy, Annonymous is organizing a protest and occupation starting March 1st, in DC, if Pres Trump doesn't resign by Feb 28th!

Safe to say if you don't need to be in DC in March stay away. We know how these "protests" of the left always go: fires, destruction of property and innocent bystanders being assaulted.

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