Saturday, February 4, 2017

Judge Pirro Blasts Fed Judge and Anti-Trump "Protesters" For Acting Lawless

Pirro put on her judges robe to explain facts to a rogue federal judge and the anti-trump movement who are both acting above the law!

First she addressed Judge Robart who issued temporary restraining order on Pres Trump's executive order to stop entry of aliens from 7 hot spots, that the left didn't have a problem when obama issued a travel ban. Whether liberals like it or not, as Pirro states, "no one has the right to enter" the US. Under US Title Code 8 1182(f) the Pres of the US has the power to restrict anyone entry into the US. POTUS is acting within his legal authority in the interest of national security that this liberal activist judge has completely dismissed. Robart is in fact saying "come on in from wherever you're from, to hell with the President"! (FYI Robart is a Bush appointee who sides with Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist organization). This judges ruling will no doubt be overturned but the problem is how many threats will enter the US during this temporary restraining order. One of the reasons Trump issued it out of the blue with no warning was to not give terrorists window to get into the US. Judge Robart has now opened that window!

After blasting Robart, Pirro blasted away on the "protesters", really rioters (..domestic terrorists), who trashed UC Berkeley and other locations explaining to them they do not have the right to set fires and destroy property because their "tender snowflake" feelings have been hurt.

"You do not have the right to destroy property public or private.
You do not have the right to break windows, assault, hit or spray mace in the face of another person.
All of the above our crimes, the First Amendment does not give you the right to commit a crime..."

The Judge like many Americans is concerned over the rise in violence and anarchy coming from, who else, the left. This never-ending meltdown over Trump's election is going to escalate because leaders on the left are doing nothing to calm it down. As a matter of fact in many cases they encourage it, as FL Congresswoman Val Demings called the UC Berkeley riot a "beautiful sight"!

One thing is for sure we have clear acts of lawlessness from the left. These people have demonstrated repeatedly they will break the law when they don't get their way.

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