Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rubio Defends Censoring Warren, Warns Senate to Show Civility, "Flirting" With Unrest

"We have become a society incapable of having debates anymore."

Marco Rubio gave a great speech following Sen Warren being censored for violating Senate rules where he stressed that if we can't have civil debate in the Senate then where else will we? Granted the republicans have thrown some "bombs" from time to time, but democrats are out of control at this point in both houses and in public appearances.

"Turn on the news and watch these parliaments around the world where people throw chairs at each other, and punches, and ask yourself how does that make you feel about those countries? It doesn't give you a lot of confidence about those countries. Now I’m not arguing that we're anywhere near that here tonight, but we're flirting with it. We're flirting with it in this body and we are flirting with it in this country. We have become a society incapable of having debates anymore."

I have absolutely no doubt this warning Marco gave was a warning that we are headed to repeat history. As pointed out in a previous post, in 1856 there was so much tension leading up to the Civil War Rep Preston Brooks beat, with his cane, Rep Charles Sumner within an inch of his life.

Like Marco said we're not there, but this country is most definitely flirting with it. And as hard as it will be for some to hear the hate that will drive us to actual conflict is coming from the left. Republicans, conservatives, TEA Party activists were not taking to the streets rioting, setting fires over the last 8+ years. There weren't weekly protests against obama and the democrats. You didn't see them encouraging to "punch them [dems/libs] in the face". All the hateful rhetoric and violence is from the left. When they can win an argument they turn extremely hostile, name call and then lash out physically. This is what Marco is talking about, stressing to those in Congress to get themselves under control and set an example. Like he said, "if this body is incapable of having those debates, there will be no place in this country where those debates can occur. I think every single one of us, to our great shame, will live to regret it." Physical conflict will follow, if these people don't get under control.

If the day comes when Representative(s)/ Senator(s) come to blows in the US Capitol that will be a red flag civil war is on America's horizon.

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