Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tucker ANNIHILATES USA Today's Editor For Comparing Steve Bannon to ISIS Leader

The conga line of destruction from lib guests on Tucker Carlson Tonight is never-ending. Do these people not do any research before going on his show or are they that arrogant to think they can win an argument with nothing to stand on?!

USA Today's Deputy Editorial Page Editor (that's some title) David Mastio had no defense whatsoever on an editorial piece claiming WH advisor Steve Bannon is like ISIS' leader al Baghdadi. Tucker left the floor open for Mastio to cough up something to prove his case about Bannon, muslims and ISIS but he was at one point left speechless going as far to say "this is a cheapshot.. I'm one editor on an editorial board, I didn't write this piece", yet he is the editor and agreed to appear to defend it! HAHAHA

You would think after a month of being on air with great success libs would know better before going on Tucker Tonight, especially since many have been publicly eviscerated! By all means, stay arrogant thinking the world revolves around you libs. Viewers love the entertainment you provide getting your ass kicked and made into a complete fools on national tv!

Libs you wanna pin titles, make claims and charges against people you better be able to back it up with facts. Otherwise you are going to be cut to pieces be on Tucker or in face-to-face debate on the street. The American people are tired of the lies, misinfo, vile rhetoric and all the game you're playing.

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