Friday, February 17, 2017

Staten Island Teacher Angers Parents With Anti-Trump Questions in Homework

Vincent Ungro appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to speak about how his 11 year old daughter brought home homework with anti-Trump propaganda questions to answer. Ungro took it upon himself to put the teacher, Adria Zawatsky, in her place "nicely" where his daughter lost 15 points! Ungro and other outraged parents weren't having any of this form of soft tyranny reported the teacher who has been disciplined. But is that enough? Would it be enough if it were the other way around? Of course not, had this been a republican teacher, parents would have demanded the teachers firing.

The left has infiltrated every aspect of our lives with their radical views. They call Trump and his supporters Hitler, but who is actually carrying out fascism in America? Who is practically fulfilling a famous Hitler quote about children?

"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future!"
~ Adolf Hitler, Reichsparteitag, 1935

I'll tell you who, the left!

Everything that is bad that the left does, they pin on the right, with zero proof. They act fascistic, but call us fascists. They act racist (just look at the inner cities under their control) but call us racists. They claim we're indoctrinating children, but they practically rule supreme in the entire educational system, from pre-school to grad school!

Parents more and more are tired of liberal teachers subtlety inserting their progressive political opinions in classrooms to more or less indoctrinate children. The only way any of this bullshit is going to stop will require parents to be more involved and take school board seats away from the elitists who allow this garbage in the schools. It's not enough to vote for outsiders for State or Congressional seats or the Presidency. We have to get sane, clear headed, conservative minds on schools boards to stop this progressive machine, because children are this nations future.

Like Reagan said "freedom is only one generation away from extinction"....

Libs know this, it's why they work so hard to screw kids up and are so militant and resistant to any form of change. Look at how they treated Sec DeVos, they know their world is about to be rocked at the federal level, but we have to handle things locally!

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