Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump Tells MSNBC They're Going to Try to "Take Care of DREAMERs"

The only help DREAMERs should be getting is help back across the border to wherever they and their family came from.


To offer to "take care of DREAMERs" would be like offering to help children of bank robbers by telling them to keep the money, benefit from their parents crimes! NO, sorry you all need to go! Pres should be very careful here, he could burn through a lot of political capital and support if he caves on DACA.

Call me every name in the book but illegal alien means illegal.alien regardless of their age and means in which they ILLEGALLY entered this country. If DREAMERs want legal status they can go to the back of the line, apply for citizenship like everyone else. OR, they can serve in the US military! One way or another they have to earn US citizenship, it is not rewarded for just being here.

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