Monday, February 27, 2017

Tucker Battles Bill Nye Who Says Climate Change Deniers Suffer Psychological Disorders

Tucker Carlson should get a medal for putting up with the complete utter nonsense coming out of Bill "the FAKE Science Guy" Nye's mouth. First off let's make something clear, Nye hold a masters degree in mechanical engineering. Yet he claims to be the foremost expert on climatology not holding a degree in said filed, nor biology, geology, meteorology, entomology(he talks impact climate change has on bugs) or his newest field of expertise in psychology .

Nye thinks those who deny climate change, aka the WEATHER, are suffering from cognitive dissonance by denying the evidence. This is the same clown who said all you climate change deniers should be locked up! Let me say it a little louder for you Billy, YOU ARE A   C L O W N !

You see America this is that unhinged mentality STR has been pointing out we see more and more of from the left. It's their way or else. There is no compromise from radical leftists, accept their ideology, in Nye's case the science is final humans are altering the Earth's climate at an alarming right or you are a heretic and should be locked up. According to Billy it's because of humans interference we didn't have an ice age! Yes he said it! A twisted way of thought that sounds a lot like when obama claimed he saved jobs with nothing to support it.

It's safe to assume those who believed the Earth was flat hundreds of years ago were as adamant as Nye is about climate change,
I mean the WEATHER! This is a religion to the left, and their solution heavy regulations, taxation and the destruction of capitalism aka freedom. Could you imagine the power this guy would have had if Clinton won the election! Another bullet we dodged, but the war against progressivism continues on. Do not let scam artists like Nye have the final say on anything. Challenge everything you hear from the left, because the science is never final.

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