Monday, March 13, 2017

Sen Booker Whines GOP Can't Force Obamacare Replacement

No doubt democrats have selective memory in their never ending quest to rewrite history. Cory Booker was not in Congress when barackobamacare was passed, rammed through in the middle of the night Christmas Eve 2009, but he's been a staunch supporter of the law.

Yes, America democrats, like Booker and Pelosi, believe you are this dumb to forget what THEY DID. If Jake Tapper and CNN had any integrity they would have asked Booker to address Pelosi's comments about passing the bill to find out whats in it and this gem...

Democrats are in opposition to the GOP's obamacare-lite bill because they didn't think it up. Obamacare was designed to fail so democrats could come to the rescue with single payer. Booker, Pelosi etc are just pissed because republicans have taken their glory.

Either way the American people are getting screwed though...

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