Monday, March 13, 2017

White House 'Strenuously' Disagrees With CBO Report (Video)

The CBO report released today warns millions will lose their health insurance under the GOP's proposed bill to replace barackobamacare. Naturally the White House 'strenuously' disagrees with the CBO's report. The CBO was way off with obamacare and it's safe to assume they are way off with the impact of it's replacement! That means AHCA will be much worse than what we're already hearing about. WHY does Congress feel the need to control our healthcare to begin with? Who asked them?

The GOP has has years to come up with something GOOD to replace obamacare where we get this steaming pile of 💩!

Granted states and people have asked the govt to step in over the years because of issues with regards to pre-existing conditions, tort reform, rising costs etc but that didn't mean take over the 1/6th of the US economy! When it comes to the govt going into "business" it sucks! They can't run Amtrak why in God's name would anyone want the govt involved with their healthcare? And we don't need some monstrous comprehensive bill either. Every single time they introduce a comprehensive bill its loaded with tons of bs, pork and power grabs. They need to pass stand alone bills on issue that need to be addressed like pre-existing conditions. other than that open of the state lines let insurance co's in CT compete with those in CA that is how you bring costs down and address other issues. OR Congress can just put all of us on their sweet healthcare policy!

America do you believe Congress will sign up for the AHCA like they ran out and signed up for obamacare? Nope.

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