Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fmr Clinton CIA Director Torches Kushner Conspiracy, "Real Scandal" is Illegal Leaks

Well you know your conspiracy theories are blowing up when you have former Clinton admin officials torching them as James Woolsey did on CNN. The left is targeting Kushner because they know they have nothing on Pres Trump, but even the back-channel theory is beyond weak since ALL admins had back-channels, including obama or have you forgotten about this...

Illegal leaks as Woolsey explains is the "real scandal". Whomever is leaking all the intel out to the leftist media is putting the US in danger. They are also jeopardizing our relations with allies like the UK to more or get revenge because their candidate lost an election. Deep state progressives need to be rooted out, charged with crimes, prosecuted and locked up. This goes for anyone, including certain high up admin officials who oddly are never mentioned in any of the leaks!


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