Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Texas Democrat Doesn't Deny He Threatened Fellow Lawmaker, Tries To Justify Actions

Texas DEMOCRAT State Rep Alfonso "Poncho" Nevárez did not deny he threatened Rep Matt Rinaldi on the House floor claiming he was provoked. Apparently for a law abiding State Rep, like Rinaldi, to call ICE over illegal aliens present in the gallery is justification to have his life threatened. That is what it all comes down to America. A democrat did not like a republican calling the feds on illegal aliens in the gallery, which led to a heated confrontation we never thought we would see between elected leaders on US soil since the 1850's.

Take note Poncho is not apologetic nor shows any remorse for threatening the life of another public servant. This is a big deal and for whatever reason everyone is blowing it off; it sets a dangerous precedent. This fight is a warning sign of things to come, just as it was in 1856 when Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner literally within an inch of his life and before you knew it the US fell into civil war. Make no mistake about it the US is in a COLD civil war, that will quickly warm up. The battle over illegal immigration, the root of this fight between Rinaldi and the dems, is getting as hot as slavery. Fights and violence all initiated by the left since election day will not stop. Tension between leaders will grow, and as I've warned when you see leaders in the US Capitol come to blows on the Senate or House floor get ready for SHTF!

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