Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Michael Reagan SCHOOLS Don Lemon, Proving NO ONE in the Media Knows Collusion Isn't a Crime

The media for almost a year has been ranting about Trump committing "collusion", treating it as if it is a treasonous act, with the hopes of bringing the President down. Don Lemon is one of countless "journalists" who has been running with this lie. In this clip Lemon just proved he has no idea what he's even talking about!

Thank You Michael Reagan for educating this propagandist and maybe a handful of his viewers. Maybe, because Reagan spelled it out, that collusion isn't a crime, will allow some CNN viewers to realize they have in fact been lied to! Please anyone out there who disagrees please produce the treasonous legal code...

I'll help you out it start like this: _ U.S. Code __ Chapter _ § __

Registered democrat, proud Hillary voter and Harvard Law prof Alan Dershowitz, a frequent CNN guest, has made it clear at least three times on Fox News collusion isn't a crime. Don might want to pick up the phone to book Dershowitz on his next show to get educated for once so he won't be lying to his audience.

If you're going to take to the airwaves day in, day out, publicly convicting someone, let alone the President of the United States, of a crime, then know what the hell you're talking about.

Hey Don, thanks for proving you've been bullshitting your viewers for almost a year. You just discredited yourself.

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