Monday, June 5, 2017

Fmr CBS Reporter Hacked By Obama Regime Finally Receives FOIA Docs ALL BLACKED OUT

If you had any doubt there was a deep state or obama loyalists in the govt these pics Sharyl Attkisson posted over intrusions into her computer should put that to rest! This proves without a shadow of doubt obama has countless people in the govt right now loyal to him, protecting him and fmr regime members.

This is absolutely criminal IMO. How can we ever get the truth on everything is there are people within the govt sabotaging everything up to and including document requests. And let me tell you another thing, this is proof the obama regime hacked Attkisson's computer! If she was full of shit, making things up as people claimed why is everything blacked out!?

Yea, exactly!

Attkisson was exposing the obama regime in 2012, over the Benghazi attack and coverup, where she was able to capture on video the work she was doing on her computer being erased right before her eyes!!

The Feds: Still Breaking Bad When It Comes to Freedom of Information law
by sattkisson
Not only is the latest Freedom of Information (FOI) Act response I received from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) two and a half years late—a response was required under the law in about 30 days—it’s also woefully inadequate.

In 2014, I filed a complaint asking the DOJ IG to investigate the unauthorized intrusions into my computers.

My employer at the time, CBS would not let the DOJ IG inspect the primary computer at issue: my work laptop. However, I provided investigators my personal Apple computer, which two independent forensics exams had found was also subject to the remote intrusions. Since the source of the intrusions was allegedly the government, I believed there was a chance that honest and experienced government investigators might be able to identify the perpetrators.

The DOJ IG investigators met with me on several occasions and generated many pages of notes and comments. They reported to me that they’d found to be suspicious deletions, alterations and unauthorized access to my personal computer. (Their work confirmed what the independent forensics exams had uncovered, but the feds were not as comprehensive.)

I was told all along that as the victim and complainant, I would be provided a final report by the DOJ IG.

But when the investigation concluded, the final report was delayed. When I inquired about it, I was repeatedly told it was being sent to “higher-ups” in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office for review...more

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