Saturday, June 17, 2017

Judge Pirro Calls Out GOP Establishment For Being Silent While Left Attack Trump

The Judge's opener was a smart one calling out the GOP establishment (GOPe) for sitting idly by as the democrats continue on, bulldozing over them and Pres Trump. As she argues this silence, or is it complicity, is a danger to the country one can only assume a plot to regain their power by getting Trump out of the way!

The GOPe is not reacting the way many of us are day after day as we watch the dems, Hollywood and the media attack Trump. Why would they they're part of the progressive machine desperately trying to regroup! Where is the anger and outrage from the GOPe over the Kathy "ISIS" Griffin displaying the severed head, Shakespeare play depicting him as Caesar being assassinated or over all the leaks? Those leaks not only hurt Trump but they also hurt the country, jeopardizing national security and damaging US relations with our allies.

On top of all that the GOPe is telling the nation whose side they're on by also remaining silent over all the crimes Clinton has committed. You never saw them running to the cameras demanding special prosecutor for her email server, the Uranium One deal, the private meeting Bill had with fmr AG Lynch etc etc. You want to see an investigation on collusion that's where all eyes should be. We have actual evidence of Clinton and obama colluding with Russia but not one lousy establishment republican did anything about it.

It's clear the GOPe doesn't care about the country, they care about getting things back to the way it was. Trump is not only a threat to the democrats, obama's legacy but establishment republicans. What they seem to forget is there are 63 MILLION people who voted for Pres Trump who don't like them. GOPe needs to understand that they are hated as much as the violent, unhinged, extremely dangerous radical left and all their lackeys in media and entertainment!

There should be no doubt now we're in a COLD civil war; normals vs the progressive machine.

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