Saturday, June 17, 2017

Philando Castile's Mother Takes Page From Mike Brown's Stepdad: "I Don't Give F, Do What Your Heart Desires"

Philando Castile was shot July 6, 2016 by Minnesota police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, as he reached for his ID after advising he was legally carrying a concealed weapon. Officer Yanez's defense claimed he feared for his life to "justify" opening fire on Castile where he was found not guilty. This verdict of course sent many into rage over another example of police on black shootings where the police was found not guilty.

Castile's mother, Valerie, took to Facebook Live to vent her anger, but in her rage she has taken a page from Michael Brown's stepdad. Prior to the Ferguson riots Brown's step dad in a fit of rage called to "burn this bitch down", and as you know chaos followed.

Castile's mother to supporters stated, "So I just want to say one thing everybody out there, I don't give a f*** what you do, do what your heart desires" ... "Do what you do, cuz this shit gonna keep on happening" ... "I hope that mother**** [Yanez] die tonight."

Tensions between the people and police, especially in black communities, remains high. Domestic terrorist groups from Occupy to BLM and now Antifa are looking for any excuse to turn violent. If riots follow in St Paul and other MN communities will Valerie be held responsible? Her anger and rage is clearly understandable. She can condemn the police, hate on white people (officer involved is hispanic but white are always blamed), wish for the cops demise, but you cannot incite a riot.

Those in MN stay on alert, avoid the mobs at all costs. If they should block roads again do what you can to avoid them BUT DO NOT STOP! This is what happens if you stop for an enraged mob...

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