Friday, June 16, 2017

Russia Claims to Have Killed ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi in Airstrike

Multiple agencies are reporting that Russia is claiming to have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi along with other ISIS commanders in Raqqa, Syria. While it sounds like good news delivering a major blow to this death cult, not to mention the psychological blow that the caliph is dead, and not some prophetic leader, people and govts should be on alert.

If the reports are true, al-Baghdadi's death could be a trigger for attacks across the globe, if he gave such an order of his untimely death. We may see an increase in attacks regardless as his hardcore fighters will be seeking revenge. Those not so devoted will see their great wasn't what he was claiming to be per their beliefs.

Also, just because he is dead doesn't mean ISIS goes away. al-Baghdadi is just one head of the beast with many heads... someone will step up to take his place or we would see some sort of collaboration between ISIS, al Qaeda and other death cults. The war against islamists isn't over, the fight will continue, there are cells all over the world. If anything things may have gotten more dangerous.

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