Saturday, July 8, 2017

Judge Pirro Goes Off on NYC Mayor BOZO de Blasio

Judge Pirro opened up both barrels on NYC mayor Bill "BOZO" de Blasio for running off to team up with radical violent Leftists at the G20 protests riots in Hamburg Germany and skipping the swearing in of new NYPD officers. Even worse BOZO defended blowing off assassinated NYPD officer Miosotis Familia!

This guy is a disgrace, he should not be Mayor of NYC, hell he shouldn't be holding public office. He is a hardcore radical communist who despises everything great about America. The fact he ran off to Germany to be with violent Leftists should make things clear as day even for those who have dense skulls.

Anyone in the NYPD who doesn't turn their backs on this guy, as Pirro asked them to do, needs a serious reality check. This guy couldn't careless about anyone working under in the NYPD. Frankly, IMO officers should break the rules and walk-out on de BOZO demanding his resignation.

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