Friday, July 7, 2017

Maxine Waters: We're All Being Played By Trump and Putin

After one failed conspiracy after another Maxine Waters continues to conjure up anything she can that Trump is engaged in come kind of collusion with Putin, justifying her calls for impeachment.

“I don’t like the idea that our president again would go into a room without any note-takers, without any staff, without others who should be in the room who really understand foreign policy, and who really understand Putin, and come out of it saying how honored he is to meet with him [Putin]".

How many times did her messiah obama have private conversations with foreign leaders? Don't forget he handed Iran billions of dollars and took a step back allowing them to pursue their nuclear weapons program!

The Russians definitely hacked into the DNC server?? Really!? Hmm, if true why do they refuse to hand the server over to the FBI for analysis? You would think they would want to produce the very thing that could prove their case, but they refuse to hand it over! Wonder why!?

Waters is getting desperate, especially after Tucker Carlson called her out to explain how she can live in $4.3 million home that isn't even in the district she represents.

This nonsense Wiggy Waters spewed on MSNBC is a sad attempt to divert attention from that. Maxine better start worrying about herself and whatever she's doing to acquire such wealth on a govt salary.

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