Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Law Professor Warns Dems Playing Dangerous Game Trying to Invoke 25th Amendment

First it was a rigged election, then Russia collusion, followed by claims Pres Trump is engaged in obstruction and now it will be a challenge based on mental fitness. Democrats are mounting another attempt to remove Pres Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment in their never ending soft coup. As Law Prof Jonathan Turley explains, invoking 25A is not so simple, requiring the Vice Pres, two-thirds support in both houses, etc and the democrats know this. Regardless of the fact this move is next to impossible, dems will push the issue anyway to amp up voter, but more importantly, donor support.

All the dems are doing is driving that wedge between Americans, pushing people further apart. Why? Because hate and the division keeps them in power and their wallets full! Democrats do not care that half of the voters chose Trump over the unindicted felon. They are as Turley warns playing a dangerous game if this move was to actually be successful setting a dangerous precedent Congress can remove POTUS from office just because they don't like them!

True statement, but Democrats DON'T CARE. These people are engaged in a soft coup, they are a modern day confederacy moving this nation closer to civil unrest.

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