Thursday, July 6, 2017

Maxine Waters Comes Unhinged, Shouting "Impeach 45" Repeatedly At Town Hall

There she is, Maxine Waters, the face of the democrat party going into another unhinged fit of rage attacking the President of the United States and shouting "impeach 45" during her July 5th town hall meeting. Apparently in Maxine's world one only needs to have a cabinet and allies dems don't like, who carry themselves with a shameful disposition, that lie and bully to be impeached. None of that is spelled out in the Constitution but that won't stop Waters. She even takes shots at members of her own party for fearing to talk about impeachment.

While not mentioned by name the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, is one of many who have actually spoken out against impeachment. As wacky and corrupt as she is, Nancy knows you need evidence to impeach, which there is none. Compared to Wiggy Waters, Nancy is smart to play it safe versus sounding like an unhinged lunatic as Wigged Out Waters!

Isn't it cute how all of a sudden Waters cares about Trump ruling by Executive Order, where on the flip side that's all obama did and we never heard a peep out of he!? Fact is she and her party are upset that Trump is dismantling everything obama "accomplished" which went against everything we stand for.

Curious do any of Wiggy's supporters and constituents know she doesn't even live in the district? Better yet, has she explained to them how she can live in one of the wealthiest Los Angeles neighborhoods in a $4.3 million dollar home after working for the govt for 40+ years?!

Maxine needs to be run out of office, the best way to do that is treat her the same way CNN and the media are being treated. Expose her for the fraud she is, make her go nuts, so much so her own people will turn on her.

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