Thursday, April 24, 2014

Army Veteran and Chaplain Destroys NJ Dem Legislators in Gun Rights Speech

If you recall a few months ago NJ residents were hammering their gun grabbing dem legislators over the new gun laws being introduced against the will of the people. There were several great speeches given by citizens, especially one by a 9 year old competitive shooter, but somehow this gem from Nicholas Purpura got missed.

Purpura hit the nail on the head when he said they should throw every one the gun grabbers out of office for "continuing this lunacy" asking them to bring "us back to sanity". Then again I disagree with him! The fact that these people are willing to take away our natural/ God given rights doesn't justify leaving them in power. Politicians who have written and voted for gun control need to be thrown out. They have demonstrated they have no regard for the Constitution and our rights. They are willfully disarming the people while leaving criminals free rein to prey on each and every one of us. Purpura is right by saying they all have the blood of innocent people and children on their heads so why give them a second chance in office!? Stop playing nice America stop leaving these certified monsters in power, they do not care about you!

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