Friday, April 25, 2014

Boehner Mocks GOP for Inaction on Immigration

Seriously!? This is not the face or actions of a conservative America, what you just witnessed is a perfect example of a RINO progressive. Boehner has a lot of nerve mocking the handful of conservatives in Congress who are against immigration reform ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY when he is the one on record for being the big crybaby! Johnny left out one of the key reasons why so many are against amnesty the obama factor! We know based on what he has done with obamacare he will not obey the law when it comes to immigration and will wave his magic pen granting God knows what to illegals. We know at the least he will make a move for legal status so they can vote immediately. Let's be honest this is the only reason either face of the progressive beast wants to pass amnesty, they want the votes. What does that say to you? You own leaders know you don't trust them so they want to pander to foreigners to stay in power!!

It would be nice to see a delegation of conservatives come out publicly and condemn the Speaker of the House for his actions and ask him why he refuses to bring a border security bill to the floor for a vote! We the people want the border shutdown first and foremost and a solid head count on those who are here on valid visas.

If RINO progressives want to talk immigration reform fine then lets see a bill AFTER the border locked down where those illegally in the US are identified and either deported (for real) or sent to the back of the line after paying some HEFTY fines and back taxes who can read and write in english. If illegals are here on a visa it has to be valid, if not they are out. We want the old immigration policies re-instated where someone entering the country has got to be educated, able to sustain themselves, possessing skills, trade or high education they can offer the nation to make it better and not be a leach on the system! It use to work that way I know because my family experienced it!

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