Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pelosi Accuses GOP of Racism as the Reason They Won't Act on Immigration

Noticing a pattern as of late with all the charges of racism? These bobbleheads have to make racism the key reason for all the problems in the nation and their failures. Immigration is stalling because we the people are putting heavy pressure on all of these idiots to not push it through since we know what it will mean the end of this nation combined with barackobamacare.

One of the key reasons immigration cannot go through is we know whatever law is passed obama will not obey! We know he will use his magic pen and change the law just as he is doing with obamacare. That has nothing to do with race it is a fact, obama is lawless. Since Congress has failed to keep him in check the GOP at least understands whatever law they pass he will change so they hold back... for now. But we know both faces of the progressive beast want amnesty so they can take credit and win that new pool of dependent uninformed entitlement voters! That should piss off every single American frankly that DC cares more about illegals than citizens.

Folks need to be on alert to act quickly since these monsters are salivating on getting amnesty through; we can thank establishment GOPr's Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan for this mess Nanzi selectively leaves out!

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