Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rangel: The TEA Party Embraces Confederates

Here's the problem Chuckles if America is full of racists and obama is hated so much how did he get elected TWICE? Blacks, asians and hispanics are in the minority which means a LARGE segment of WHITE Americans would have had to vote for obama! We can give you 2008 because people wouldn't listen and didn't know any better of how much of a train wreck obama would be but how can you Mr Tax Dodging Race Baiter explain his majesty getting a second term? There is NO racism in this country coming from whites, conservatives or the TEA Party. Oh and Chuckles how do you account for all the black (asian & hispanic too) TEA Party members and conservatives? Do they not count or all they all sellouts for not jumping on the plantation you Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and company have been running for decades that hasn't helped minorities get out?!

Charges of racism, embracing "Confederates" etc is an escape hatch for people like Rangel who have run out of excuses for failed policies and acting above the law. Holder and obama are getting the treatment they deserve for the crimes they are committing, it has nothing to do with race! Oh and congratulations Charlie for helping water down the charge of racism so when it really happens no one will listen because yo and your corrupt ilk have beat it into the ground.

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