Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dem Rep Blames Conservative Groups and Causes for Scott Shooting

America this is a pure example of how the sick deranged mind of a desperate progressive works. For the love of Pete why not just blame everyone who is not in lockstep with the racist progressive agenda Rep Clyburn?! This guy has lost his mind going through all these groups and causes to blame for the SC Scott shooting. Oh an Jimmy please stop with acting stupid on what ALEC is an acronym for (American Legislative Exchange Council). It's one thing to do it once but to go on air and do it all the time is insulting to Americans intelligence. Acting stupid only shows how arrogant you are and the elitist you are!

Stand Your Ground laws DID NOT give fmr Officer Slager the green light to shoot Walter Scott in the back. But leave it to a hardcore radical like Clyburn to look for an angle to attack Americans rights to defend themselves!

Voter ID laws? Where the hell did that come from and what doe it have to do with a cop shooting a man in the back!? No one is being suppressed at the voting booths except DNC party operatives sent in to vote multiple times! As for redistricting laws, both parties are guilty and we the people know it's all done so you bastards can stay in power as you lie to voters making promises you never keep.

Rep James Clyburn is a certified disgrace, all of you who keep him in power get what you deserve!

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