Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Obama Ties Climate Change to Public Health, Suggests Global Warming Gave His Daughter Asthma

What a load of crap, global warming, climate change or whatever they want to call it is known to those of us in reality as the weather. It changes constantly and has been changing for millennia but is not responsible for affecting people's health like his majesty's daughter. The science is NOT indisputable since those engaged with this fraud have been proven to be a pack of con artists including Al Gore. FYI the noise you're hearing now about global warming is what these flat-Earthers were saying in the 70's about global cooling and the next ice age!

This whole interview is pure propaganda, you can tell these questions were handed to the interviewers to ask the imperial emperor. All obama is trying to do is attach the alleged effect of climate change on public health to justify more executive orders. Why? Obama needs a reason to go around Congress to force UN climate rules on America since there are so many deniers in DC. I've yet to hear any of these flat-Earthers explain how regulating and taxing companies out of business under cap and trade or whatever name they'll call it will stop those evil life producing CO2 emissions. Without CO2 we're all dead!

This guy is so out of control because we allowed it! We're all calling Congress out for doing nothing about this progressive destroyer but they are supposed to answer to us. We are the final arbiters but for whatever reason we have allowed the 535 idiots make us think they run this country!

It's time to bring the fight to their front doors folks. Stop talking Article V Convention of the States and get it going now. Confront those in brass and demand they explain why they refuse to invoke that oath they took and hold in such high regard!

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