Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dick Cheney Unloads on Obama: ‘Wants to Take America Down’, 'Worst President We've Ever Had'

Gee Cheney tell us how you really feel about Darth Hussein!? Love him or hate him but does Dick Cheney say anything that isn't true about obama to Hugh Hewitt?

Obama's foreign policy is one of apology and appeasement to our enemies. He is more or less taking a step back with Iran allowing them to get nukes. Meanwhile the boyking is throwing the few allies we have left under the bus when as he is bows to leaders who hate the US. His attacks on Scott Walker on foreign policy are laughable, suggesting he is an expert. The man is a certified disaster that will result in people getting killed, so lets hope, as Hewitt suggests, obama meets a major defeat from Congress as Woodrow Wilson did with the League of Nations.

Our economy is in the toilet, nothing he has done to stimulate it has worked, instead obama has put the nation in deeper debt topping $18 trillion. Obama has turned capitalists into public enemies, trashed our healthcare system and through his network of race baiters the nation is divided with cops having a bullseye on their heads! Day in day out every move obama makes solidifies him as the worst president we've ever had who clearly wants to take America down.

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