Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mark Levin: Bush Family Must Be "Crushed"

The Bush family is a like a virus reproducing and infecting everything it comes in contact with. You get rid of one and another one pops up. Do you know that there has been Bush or Clinton in the White House at some level for over 36 years! This family the Clinton's, Kennedy's and maybe the obama's thirst for power and control has to come to an end. These are big government progressives who have systemically corrupted how this country is run who will stop at nothing to destroy true conservatives that really care about the country. When these family dynasties are run out-of-town all of their consultants and lackeys that have been around for approx 4 decades have to be run out-of-town too!

The US is not a monarchy but somehow these families have been allowed by the stupidity of the people to rule over us. Mark Levin is 100% correct that this family, as well as the others that just won't go away, have to be crushed. We will never have a conservative or even another Reagan in the White House as long as these families control the govt. How do we do that? Start by cutting off the money supply (#DEFUNDtheGOP), run true conservatives against them who won't fall for their tricks and expose their radicals ties to nasty even dangerous people. Let the people see the enemy isn't the challenger but these elitists who have been running their communities and this nation into the ground. Enough is enough with these families and others at the Congressional and State levels that rule over us... we are way past due for a purge.

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