Tuesday, April 7, 2015

O’Reilly Rips Obama Admin Over ‘5 Years of Calculated Deception’ on Bergdahl

O'Reilly looks to be restraining himself from completely blowing up old school over how this radical administration continually lies to this country. In a nutshell the imperial regime knew all along Bergdahl was a deserter and more or less a traitor. That didn't stop emperor obama or other regime members like Susan Rice from going public praising the little jerk as some kind of American Patriot. Obviously in their world anyone who sides with or wants to join the enemy is a hero. To the rest of us living in reality Bergdahl deserves life in prison, if the death penalty is off the table. Remember American soldiers died looking for this POS who didn't want to be found and in fact wanted to join our enemy!

This regime is fully engaged in calculated deceptions on almost every scandal that surfaces. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, DOJ going after Fox reporters, obamacare, climate change (aka the weather) all clear acts of deception, when will it be enough America? IN a different time DC would be brought to a standstill with Patriots marching demanding action from those we elected. What happened...

Well did they? Did your balls drop off or something, or are you just too busy to do anything? Oh that's right "someone else will come along and do something about it". No sorry, no one is going to come and do anything about this out of control administration. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Trey Gowdy, Congress as a whole, SCOTUS, Superman, Batman, Jack Bauer, Jedi Knights, the Avengers or the US Military (SHAME on each and every one of you) are coming to our rescue! It is way past time for the America people to rise up bring DC to a halt and put absolute genuine fear into our leadership.

This is why all this crap is happening in this country, the power elite have no fear of the people. Until that happens they are going to crap on us everyday with "rank deception" as O'Reilly argues to Krauthammer.

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