Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Surge of Illegal Alien Children Crossing Southern Border

Invasion of the US continues at our borders but you would never know since none of the networks are covering it, and even Fox is barely touching it. The level of illegals coming into the US we heard about last year are the same if not higher and they will get worse as weather warms up, especially since obama rang the amnesty bell. Lou Dobbs and The Washington Times Stephan Dinan suggest the levels of invaders is not as big as last year which isn't surprising since the obama regime is now involved with shipping illegals into the US! There is no way to tell but think about it, there were thousands rushing the border when only rumor of obama granting amnesty was floating around. Now that he violated the law and Congress has done nothing to stop him, illegals will continue to invade America unchallenged.

You do know America... taxpayers YOU ARE ON THE HOOK for these illegals education, food stamps, medical and living expenses. How does it feel knowing resources and programs established to help people out in hard ties is being drained by illegals who never paid a dime into the system!?

Apparently you don't seem to care too much because the streets in DC are clear, politicians continue about their merry way without a shred of fear from the American people.

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