Monday, April 13, 2015

Harry Reid Can't Stop Lying, Claims 'Obamacare is Working'

Barackobamacare is working so well that as of March 2015 37 million people still remain uninsured! The numbers Reid and other progressives tout when they praise the worst piece of legislation in US history are nothing to brag about and its not like Americans have a choice either. The SOB's rammed the bill through on Christmas Eve 2009, Chief Justice Roberts upheld it (for whatever dirt "they" have on him) creating precedent of govt forcing people to buy something they don't want.

Every part of barackobamacare has been proven to be a lie but that won't stop dems and even some reps from doing what they can to make it work. Only a pathological liar like Harry Reid could take to the Senate floor claiming this mess is working. You will never see Reid say this to anyone who has lost their doctor, the good coverage they had, that are now paying 40% if not much higher premiums. The man couldn't careless about the people who have been hurt by this piece of communism forced on us. Reid is pure evil and I don't use that lightly...

For the record the GOP FAILED to do anything to defund or repeal obamacare. Thank Mitch McConnell, and you Rand Paul supporters have Rand to blame for Mitch's lies to stop obamacare since he supported McConnell in the primaries. This is why I will not throw any support in for Paul. What he did to Matt Bevin is unforgivable and it was all so Rand could run for POTUS and Senate, thanks to McConnell's influence with KY lawmakers. If Rand had to give up his Senate seat he would not be running for POTUS!

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