Monday, April 13, 2015

Laura Bush: Becoming President Is the 'Family Business' for Us and Clintons

The presidency is not a birth right, entitlement to super rich, the next political in lines "turn" let alone a family business. This is at the attitude of progressive elites transforming the US into some twisted oligarchy/ monarchy.

The Bushes seem like decent people with all work they do for vets etc but they just don't get the hint to go away. Average Americans do not want Jeb Bush and the Establishment GOP is in for a rude awakening if they push him. Right now the Est GOP is very busy trashing Hilla.. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz through operatives like Karl Rove!

The Clinton's on the other hand have never come off as decent people. Clinton's have always been engaged in whats in it for me, bow to me, pay me because I am worth it (Chelsea was paid $600k for quick stint w/NBC). They believe they're truly are above the law and know what is best for all of us peons. Sorry no you don't!

Just think there is a whole new batch of Clinton's, Bushes and obama's on the way. Something drastic has to come about to change this attitude and stop the wrecking machine of elitists seizing power of our highest office. It starts local and works its way all the way to the top. Stop putting elites in power America! You're mad about the nations current state but YOU put us here over years of ignorance and being stubborn.

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