Monday, January 30, 2017

Chuck Schumer Vows to Hold Up Trump's Nominees Until Muslim Ban is Resolved

Amazing how all of a sudden democrats care about the American people and the nations future while they sat back for 8 years letting obama run a lawless administration. How many radicals did he appoint they couldn't careless about?

John McCain is a progressive JUST LIKE Schumer... neither can be trusted and this is NOT a muslim ban. No where in the EO are muslims ever mentioned, and the list is obama's list. Chucky left that part out didn't he!

Hey Chuck are you going to fake cry again if McConnell invokes the Nuclear Option to bypass your outright obstruction? Hope folks realize this guy and his liberal communist ilk are putting national security in danger with all these delays. They would be screaming bloody murder right now if repubs were threatening to hold up Clinton appointees!

Speaking of Senate Majority Ldr McConnell.. if Schumer and co in fact obstruct all cabinet and SCOTUS nominees and McConnell DOES NOT invoke the Nuclear Option, conservatives, TEA Party patriots and red blooded republicans better march on DC. If Mitch lets his FRIENDS in the dem party have their way he must be removed from the Senate. Kentucky voters should move quickly to recall and replace him, he is not a friend to the right... never was.

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