Monday, January 30, 2017

Democrat Congresswoman Engages in Act of Insurrection Leading Chant ‘No Ban, No Wall! You Build It Up, We’ll Tear It Down’

Rep Maxine Waters says Pres Trump is a dictator because he's using executive orders to laws already on the books. Where was Waters when obama was using his magic pen and phone making things up as he went along and rewriting law to end run Congress for 8 years? If Trump is a dictator then what does that make obama?

Waters likes to lie, there is NO muslim ban, no where in the EO does it directly state "muslims are banned". Next, there is nothing in the Constitution that stops POTUS from invoking existing immigration law to protect the nation. Fmr Atty Gen Mukasey stated explicitly "aliens have no rights under the US Constitution”. Another lie this corrupt career politician tells is that Americans are losing their rights so they must protest? What rights?  No ones Constitutional rights are being taken away or violated.

To make matters worse IMO this United States Representative is actively engaging in an act of rebellion or insurrection (under US Code 18 US Code § 2383 punishable by fines and 10 years jail time) by leading this protest chanting/ encouraging acts of sabotage against the soon to be built border wall!

Keep in mind Trump's EO to build the wall was an action to get a stalled PASSED LAW back on track! POTUS didn't magically come up with the idea to build the wall. A bi-partisan Congress in 2006 passed the Secure Fence Act in which obama mocked claiming it was complete when it wasn't!

This woman like the majority of the democrat party is completely unhinged and dangerous as they amp up supporters who have no clue. Someone is going to get seriously hurt because of the lies and misinformation she and the rest are spewing.

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