Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Scott Baio: Dems Getting Violent Because "They're in the Last Throws of Dying Party"

Scott Baio appeared on Fox Business to talk about his recent physical run-ins with the intolerant left, concluding their inevitable irrelevance is driving them to become completely unhinged and violent...

"They're in the last throws of dying party. They don't know what to do. They can't believe that they lost. So they're getting violent and the tolerant people are the most vicious, violent, intolerant people that I've ever seen... "

What we have here with the violent intolerant democrat party is the equivalent of a cornered wild animal that is striking back. Every single time Trump issues an executive order and he through Congress takes action to dismantle the corrupt obama imperial regime is like poking that wild animal with a stick to keep it away from those you want to protect. That animal, with is nasty nature to begin with, is going to unleash a fury sooner or later.

Democrats in Congress are already obstructing this administration while many are literally on the streets amping up their mindless, uninformed supporters who are in fact becoming quite violent. Meanwhile, Darth Hussein™ is watching in the shadows and has already chimed in, be prepared for him to instigate trouble as he backs the protests...

The last 8 years were nothing but a warm-up for a the fight that's coming!

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