Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dem Rep: Giving Sessions Testimony at End of Hearing Equivalent to Sitting at Back of Bus

Is anyone surprised that the race card would be pulled over the order of who testified today against Sen Sessions? Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA), also the Chairman of the CBC, like most members in the Congressional Black Caucus cannot contain the racism flowing through him. Newsflash Congressman, a black man was elected President twice, you a BLACK MAN are a United States Congressman along with many other blacks who have had success in politics, business and entertainment. This couldn't happen if this nation was as racist as you and your ilk claim.

No one is being sent to sit in the back of the bus. Actually NO, conservatives for the last 8 years were for sure by the way radical progressives communists have treated us.

And I'm sorry did we miss something? When was John Lewis declared a national treasure that he should be given the opportunity to speak before anyone else? Don't recall Lewis complaining about this either in his testimony, he opened THANKING Sen Leahy, a DEMOCRAT, for inviting him...

... so who the hell does Richmond think he is? Where is it written that you should be given the right to speak first, who made you God? For the record Congressman, NO ONE MADE YOU TESTIFY!

By the way Richmond is the same guy who said 'we may just have to kick somebody's ass' over that offensive painting depicting cops as pigs and Mike Brown as Jesus hanging in the Capitol being taken down repeatedly!

Two months out from the election, 9 days before inauguration day and the democrats continue to show WHY THEY LOST! Please don't stop, the 2018 midterms are right around the corner!

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