Wednesday, January 11, 2017

MSNBC's Mika Rips into CNN and BuzzFeed Over Fake News Story on Trump

Wow you know CNN (aka Counterfeit News Network) is scraping the bottom when they aggregate a story from BuzzFeed, where even MSNBC is calling them out over their lack of journalistic integrity and bias! Mika Brzezinski, from Morning Joe, took some justified shots at them for running with the fake news story on Trump.

One of the benefits of a Trump presidency is watching the leftist media destroy each other and burn themselves down!! Some are coming out in CNN's defense, but no one told them to run with what BuzzFeed put out without researching it themselves. They just wanted to hit Trump in some desperate attempt to stop him before the inauguration.

This leftist meltdown has provided daily entertainment since Nov 8th, and we still have 4 years to go! Going to make a bold far out prediction, so write this down or bookmark this page...

Someone in the crap fake news media is going to snap on air and try to hit/ attack another while arguing/ debating about Trump!

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