Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fmr CIA Acting Director Says Obama Admin Did Nothing About Russian Hacking

Fmr CIA Acting Director Michael Morrell appeared on CBS This Morning clearly stated the obama administration was aware, "concerned", about the Russian hacking last summer. So concerned the obama regime directed fmr Director Brennan to address his Russian counterpart apparently issuing a stern "stop it". This was followed up with a firm "cut it out" when obama and Putin met face to face. Putin and the Russians response was surely something in the order of this...

The obama administration "did nothing" and allowed agencies, entities and individuals cyber security to be compromised. That seems to be the answer to every problem we are now facing. Obama did nothing about Russia, Syria, ISIS, North Korea, the economy, national debt, obamacare crashing etc. Why? What does obama, on his way out, gain from leaving a mess, at the time Hillary could have inherited? IMO obama knew Hillary would lose, being such a bad candidate and out of touch, so he just trashed the country on his way out setting Trump up for failure!

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