Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rocket Scientist Chelsea Clinton 'Just Said One of the Most Insanely Idiotic Things' You Will Ever Hear


Behold the face of the progressive (communist) movement and future of the democrat party! Chelsea Clinton has done nothing in her pathetic existence but is clearly being propped up to build a "resume" for future public office. I have no doubt democrats still believe a Clinton woman will be president one day, and this rocket scientist, who thinks climate change (a total hoax) is "interconnected" with child marriage (now she's endorsing pedophilia? Makes sense because of who she's related to), is whom the left is going all in on.

Listen to that psychobabble that she rambled off, who thinks like that!? I'm sorry but what she just said has made everyone watching dumber...

This country needs a reset...

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